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Well. Here it is. My last email on the mission. It is hard for me to describe what I have felt these past few days as I prepare to go home. My heart is full. My heart is overflowing. With love for these people I have met along the way as well as all those people who have sustained me, encouraged me, and inspired me back home.

Last Wednesday Zone Conference giving my farewell in Geneva. 

Last night I knelt in prayer and no words could come out. I sat there in silence. And all I could feel was gratitude. Gratitude to my father in heaven for giving me these 18 months of my mission. I have never felt so vulnerable, so humble, so discouraged. I have never felt the spirit so strong, been so at peace, felt so much joy. I am grateful to my Savior and friend Jesus Christ who has let me go through those low
moments on the mission in order for me to grow. I am grateful he has never left my side. He has stood by me to comfort and lift me when I told him I was ready to give up. I have never felt closer to my savior and Heavenly Father than I do now. And because of that. I know that the mission is not the end.  The Savior has stayed my side these past 18 months and I know he will stay by my side as I go home.

Cathedral Saint Pierre

This week went a lot different than planned. "L" didn’t show up to his baptismal interview due to family complications back home. While it was a hard reality to accept that I will not be there for his baptism, I felt at peace. I am grateful I got to play a small part in teaching him the gospel. I am proud of "L" and "C". It has amazed me to watch how they have become more reliant on the Savior and made him apart of their lives. I love them.

Card I made for "C" with all my  stickers.

I love the people here in France and Switzerland. I love trying to pick only one chocolate bar from the long isles of chocolate. I love the smell of fresh baguettes as you walk past a Boulangerie. I love the gloomy gray sky and rain. I love singing the Cantiques in French on Sunday.  I love greeting the members Sunday and doing the bise over again. I love giving away "Le Livre de Mormon". I love hearing the bells chimes from 20 different cathedrals at 12:00pm. I love when people say classic French phrases like, “Ooh la la” and “C’est la vie.” I love the train rides. I love President and Sister Brown.

So as another chapter closes, a new one opens. I am excited to apply all the lessons I have learned to my new life. To continue to share the gospel with those around me. I feel at peace and excited for what God has planned for me next. Forward with faith.


See you soon! Á bientôt!

Love, Sœur Jones

View of Lake Geneva Today (Pday)

OLY TITANS. Hoggan Blackam from my Highschool back home.

abbyinlyon.blogspot.com (to view this video)

Last Wednesday at zone conference we went to the manor for breakfast with the whole district, we went to the top of saint Pierre's cathedral while it was so windy and listened to the beauty and the beast soundrack in French, I bought macaroons for Elder Johnson, Elder Blackham and Soeur Wilson and at Ladurées, and then we came to the chapel and a Tahatian elder made the whole district burritos. Then everyone went around in a circle and told of what they remember the first time they met us (two going home)  It was an awesome way to finish my mission! 

Our district made us sit up on this stand today (since we are going home together). We sat here while they told us what they loved about us. 

Week 75 "Am I serving in Switzerland or Italy?"

This week was so happy!

We were able to see "L" and "C" (from Italy) three times this week. Once at their home with "D" also present and another we taught "L" about tithing with the bishop at the church and another time the Bonny family invited us, "L", and "C" over to eat on Saturday. Soeur Wilson and I walked downstairs at the chapel and found "L" in the chapel kitchen surrounded by pizzas! He told us he was making pizza for 200 people for the Stake party that night. He had GARBAGE BAGS exploding with pizza dough.

At one point, all the Italians gathered in the kitchen together and were just yelling and singing... it's just how they communicate with each other. Pizza dough and sauce was flying everywhere and "L" just kept wiping the sweat off his face. He was totally in his element haha. Well probably the best news of this week is we refixed "L"s baptismal date for the 27th of January. And he is really serious about preparing for it. His baptismal interview is this week. "C" is still waiting for an answer to her prayer to know when she should be baptized.

Another amazing moment this week was when "L" showed up at church bright and early at 8:45am. Frere Volpicelli explained to "L" that it might be good if we wore a suit and tie next time. And "L" said, “Oh, I didn’t know I was allowed to. I thought it was only if you were a priest.” We taught him during Sunday school with the Volpicelli couple and the bishop. We taught about tithing and "L" really accepted it. Right after the lesson, he asked if he could pay his tithing right then. We explained that he didn’t need to until after his baptism. But what a good example to me of obedience and

Another happy moment was when we rode to a lesson on the tram and I sat next to "C". She told me she had some questions about how our bodies will be perfect after that life. We turned to the Book of Mormon to look for the answers. She sat next to me on the tram, reading out loud in the Book of Mormon. It was so cute. She amazes me.

An amazing miracle happened this week. Erika (Giulliana's Mom) from Ecully got baptized on Saturday. I am so proud of her!!!

I am grateful for the challenges the Lord has given me. I am grateful for those moments like last week when I felt really low. They make me so much more reliant on the Lord. When I think, oh wait, I really CAN’T do this all on my own. I need the Savior. I need his strength, his peace, his help.
 I am so grateful for our dear prophet Thomas S. Monson who passed away last week. I have kept a quote up on my desk my entire mission from him about “finding joy in the journey.” It has been a really big moto for me on my mission to just be present and enjoy today rather than wishing for better days ahead. I have a sure testimony that the apostles and prophets and leaders of the church are called of God. Yes, they have their imperfections (thank goodness).
But they are called of God and they lead and guide this church. As I have applied their words of advice and let the Holy Ghost teach me what I need to learn, I have been less stressed. I have been able to better see my worth in the sight of god. I have felt more personally of gods love for me. I love the gospel of Jesus Christ. I am grateful for the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost. These things are
REAL. These are things that last.

Love Soeur Jones

She ran up to me and said "I love your Grandparents!"

Dead after 4 days of traveling and exchanges.


On exchange with Soeur Ogunleye in Lausanne

Week 74 "The Savior Understands"

Lausanne Switzerland on an exchange today
Soeur Abby Jones and Soeur Wilson on exchange with Soeur Myer and Soeur Ogunleye in Lausanne Switzerland. See abbyinlyon.blogspot.com for video

I feel like my mission will never end. It feels so weird. 
 But then again I know it will end one day. Ahhhhh I don’t know!!  I’m just trying to be present and soak up every day these last few weeks!!

Sadly, we were not able to see "L" and "C" this week. There were miscommunications with the location to meet and sigh... it’s okay. But just pray for him and his family. It is a little complicated right now with his family situation. But I believe that with time,... there is room for healing in the family. 

This week we went on a lot of exchanges and we have two more in Lausanne. I went with Soeur Juarez and Soeur Ehlert. They are both bleues in their first transfers. Something I have realized from going on exchanges with sœurs is that every sister struggles. I love being
able to go on exchanges with sisters because it helps me have so much more compassion for them and help encourage them when they are going through hard times.

This week was a little bit hard. I don’t even know why. I just have such a mix of emotions. Trying to enjoy my mission and trying to give my very best. It is really easy for me to look back and say, well.. maybe I haven’t done my very best. Maybe I could have done better. But I know those thoughts come from Satan. I have never realized how real Satan’s influence is until coming on my mission. I have never been
able to better discern what comes from Satan and what comes from God as I have now. I woke up one morning and decided just to let Christ help me. I made my prayers more sincere. I tried to be more focused and guided by the spirt during my studies. I felt the Holy Ghost bring peace to my heart. I felt better. I felt happier. It was a big reminder for me of how important it is to do the daily things:  Sincere
prayer, repentance and pondering what message the scriptures teach us and trying to follow the spirit. I truly need these things every day. When I don’t have them... I feel the difference.

The Muellers who know my Grandparents. They have really taken care of the missonaries:)

I was reminded this week that the Savior knows how I feel. He knows my worries, my doubts, my weaknesses and my mistakes. He also knows my pains-emotionally
and physically. I am so grateful for the Savior who stands my by side to comfort me. He doesn't just rush though hard moments, but he really sits by my side, and cries with me. A mission has felt quite lonely at times. But there is one person who has never left my side and that is my Savior and best friend and most loyal companion, Jesus Christ.

I am grateful for hard moments because it fills me with more
compassion for others who are also struggling. We were in a lesson with a member today (21 year old girl). She said, “Can I ask you something?” And I said "Sure." She looked me in the eyes and said, “Are you happy?” I thought for a moment and replied... “Yes.” And then she looked and me still and asked again, “Really, are you happy?” I didn’t answer for a second and I thought about what a challenge this week has been. I wanted to answer "No." But I told her "Yes, Yes I am happy."

The Elders "Made us dinner" since we were on exchange all day and didn't have time to make food. They live in the same building.

But... you know... I wouldn’t say every moment of my life is happy. I’m not always “happy.” But I told her that is apart of life. I have hard moments and the gospel of Jesus Christ allows gives me hope and I allows me to push forward with faith. I am happy because I have Christ as my center. I am happy because I know certain trails are temporary.
I am happy because I know hard moments make me grow and help me become more like Christ. So yes. Despite my challenges, my fears, and my imperfections... Abby Jones is happy. I am happy to have the gospel in my life. I am happy to have a father in heaven who listens when I feel like giving up. I am happy to have a savior that is full of forgiveness and mercy and love.

Love Soeur Jones

Photos from the Holidays:

I got the prize so I'm the queen for "galette de roi"

Elder Blackham (from my High School)was the King. 


A funny gift my family sent (look closely at "little Debbie") 

Christmas PJ's and fun gifts

Soeur Morabito fixing my scarf since I was impulsive and cut off the pom poms

Week 73 "Happy New Year 2018"

Abby Skyping on Christmas Day &  video (on abbyinlyon.blogspot.com) 

Christmas in Geneva was something special. We spent it with the Muellers. We ate cheesy raclette and laughed a lot. I also loved Skyping my cute family on Christmas day. Every time I see you guys I remember how much I love you and how lucky I am to have you as my family.

Abby Skyping Jamison and Haylie in Provo

We have been able to see "L" and "C" a couple times these past couple weeks. It is beautiful to watch them change little by little, day by day. We taught them the plan of salvation by playing a board game soeur Wilson made. "C" is so spiritually mature for a 9 year old. Or maybe that’s just how children are. When we taught about the
life after this life... "C" asked, “What about my friend in my
class. She believes in Jesus but she doesn’t ever talk
about him. What will happen to her?” 

Their family situation isn’t the easiest right now. But the gospel has really helped "L" to have perspective and to push forward. 

Also yesterday we went over to "L's" house. As we were sitting there, I noticed a portrait of Christ hanging up on their fridge. It is one done by an LDS artist so I assumed he must have grabbed it from the church a couple weeks ago.
When we asked him about it, he said, “Oh yeah, I found that picture 15 years ago and decided to put it on my fridge.” Wow. It reminded me that God prepares people along the way. It is really amazing to be a part of this process of teaching "L" and "C". But we seriously couldn’t do it without Frere "V" (the member friend who referred him.) He knows "L" way better than we do. He is able to talk to "L" at 3:00 in the morning when we calls and needs help. He is able to counsel him on personal problems. He is the lifelong friend
that will be there for him after we leave. Frere "V" has been such a great example to me of serving others and sharing the gospel with our friends because we love them. I hope I can be like him when I get home from my mission.

This week we had MLC (missionary leadership council) in Lyon. I was reminded how grateful I am to have President and Soeur Brown and my mission parents. While they have taught me a lot through what they have said, the most I have learned from them comes from their example.
Their love and concern for one another. Their desire to do what the Lord asks of them. The time they take for each missionary to feel loved. I also had to say goodbye to some dear friends at MLC. Like Soeur Cusick. I’ll see her again in another 3 months when she comes home from the mission. But I’ll miss that little nut in the mean time.

This is the last time I'll see Soeur Cusick before she comes home.

This week we were also able to watch BEAUTY AND THE BEAST at the Fidalgos house as a Christmas present from president. I just have to say that it was amazing. I liked all the little French words that were thrown in there.

Some of my best friends

I’m doing well. I don’t really know how I’m supposed to feel at this point. It is weird being at the end of the mission. I’m trying to soak every day up. The mountains, the chocolate, the people, the French, testifying of Jesus Christ. But it takes a consistent effort. I don’t really know what my life holds in these next few weeks or months. All I know is that I trust Heavenly Father. And I will continue to put my trust in him after the mission. Continue to let him lead me along. 
(Abby's apartment in France: view @ abbyinlyon.blogspot.com)

I’m grateful for general conference talks. I’m grateful for apostles and prophets.  When they speak, I feel good and uplifted. I read a couple talks this week and just felt so much peace!

Love Soeur Jones

Trying to get rid of the bags under our eyes with Soeur Wilson

Soeur Lewis. Willy's friend! She just got to the mission. 

Week 72 "The Best Christmas Gift Ever"

So transfer calls went a little something like this:

“Soeur Jones we’ll start with you. You sure love those people in Geneva don’t you. You have some amis that are ready to be baptized in these next couple of weeks.”
(Me nodding my head over the phone.)
 “Soeur Jones. Do you know how much the Lord loves you?”
“A lot”
“Oh Soeur Jones. You don't even know half of it. You are going to be staying in Geneva for your last transfer, with Soeur Wilson. You will be trading apartments with the Geneva English sisters and living in France so that you can continue serving in Geneva.”
I didn’t even have words to say back to President Brown. I just sat there and cried with tears of joy.

That is literally the LAST thing I thought would happen. I knew I would leave Geneva since it my 3 months of being legal were up. But President found a way to make it work. THE LORD found a way to make it work. This is truly, the best Christmas present I could ever ask for. I love these people here in Geneva with all my heart. I was not ready
to leave them.

When I first began my mission, I decided I would leave my mission a transfer early to start school in January. Several months ago, I decided I needed to pray and fast about the decision because I wasn’t feeling so good about it. It really scared me to think of waiting 7 months to start school. I told myself it was just better to go home a transfer early. But after praying and fasting and talking with President Brown, I decided I would stay until the end of my mission. It was a decision that took a big leap of faith. But I felt good about
it. I knew this last transfer on the mission would be really special because the Lord had told me to stay for it. I always thought it would be because he really needed me here until the end, or that I would train a bleue who really needed me. 

And now I see that it wasn’t because of that. It was simply a gift from a loving Heavenly Father. To LET me stay an extra transfer in Geneva. With these people who I loved even before I got here. It is truly the most special gift I could ever ask for.

This week we were not able to see "L" and "C" because they have been sick ALL WEEK! But we are not giving up! We will see them as soon as they are better. On the bright side, "N", that guy we gave a chapel tour to last week, came to the ward Christmas party AND church yesterday! As I was giving a talk in sacrament meeting, I looked out and saw "N" sitting in the very back. Wow! What a great miracle.

The nativity done by the Primary

I am going to miss living with the spanish Sœurs. They make me laugh so hard. This week we had a dance party at night in our apartment with them. Oh they are crazy.

Today we moved into the English Soeurs apartment (16 avenue voltaire, Apt 2, 01210 Ferney-Voltaire, France). It is refreshing having a change. The apartment is... well a missionary apartment. But small and charming. And it is on the 4th floor. We have a perfect view of Mont Blanc.

I don’t really have words for the joy I feel. As I begin this last
transfer, I feel nothing but gratitude. Grateful to be a missionary. Grateful to STILL be in Geneva. I spent this week saying bye to so many people I love, only to see them again Sunday and tell them I am staying! It was the absolute best.

Ps. I will skype at 5:00pm my time, 9:00am your time. :))))))) Talk to you soon!!! 


This list goes around the relief society every week to feed us. Look how many people signed up this week! I'm going to get so fat. YAY!!!

Soer Tchumi

Eating some Japanese candy that Soeur Oritz's sister sent her

My umbrella broke. It was literally just a metal stick with some fabric. Everyone who passed me just started laughing. My comp kept telling me to just throw it away, but I loved that people kept laughing. I love making people smile.

Soeur Gillet. A widow in the ward that I LOVE!!
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