Soeur Cusick is my companionnnnnnn! She is from Provo Utah. Her hair is black. She is super expressive. She loves to eat healthy and has a protein shake every morning. We run together too. She is so positive. It is insane. And I have decided positive attitudes are contagious. It makes missionary work a lot more fun and less stressful.

10 New Baby Bleues stayed at chez nous

Today is Soeur Cusick's 20th birthday! I planned a little surprise birthday for her. I told her we were going to the chapel to load our emails. I texted a bunch of missionaries to come. Soeur Blackham set up decorations at the church. I even invited President and Soeur Brown. Hahaha. We walked into the basement of the church, and SURPRISE! Everyone popped out. And cute Amandine made us 2 birthday cakes to eat. We ate cake and then went upstairs to play games (planned by Soeur Brown). 
The game was called "hungry hungry hippo." There were a bunch of ballons in the center of the room. And 4 teams (one in each corner). Each team has a skateboard attached to a rope. Soeur Brown would call out a color of ballon and then you get on your belly, on the skateboard and roll to the center of the room to search for the ballon. Then your team pulls you back as fast as they can with the rope. Oh man. I was laughing so hard. Just crashing into everything. Yep. I have the best mission parents.

I love Ecully. It is such a dream to serve here. Super beautiful and green. A lot of missionaries who work hard and are super determined... but also happy. The members take care of the missionaries. But it isn't just that it is a good ville- I feel like I am just learning to appreciate even the hard moments of the mission. And I think I am choosing to be happy. I still have hard days. But I choose not to dwell on things that make me stressed, sad, or anxious.

Last week at Church

Soeur Cusick and I have been talking to a lot of people 'along the way.' As we move from lesson to lesson, we have been talking to people on the bus and metro. I find that the best, least stressful way. Because God places people in our path, along the way. This week we also had a lot of canceled RDVs. Or we would have a RDV and the person would just never show up. Then never call us back. That is hard. It is hard when you don't have stuff to do as a missionary, but it is even harder when you THINK you have something to do and then it gets canceled.
 Amandine at her bakery

But we had one cool miracle after our canceled RDV this week. "T", our new ami, never showed up. So Soeur Cusick and I say a prayer that we will be lead to her house. We had no idea where she lived so we just started walking. We ran into some apartment buildings. So we decided to look at every last name and guess which one was hers. We never found it. But I felt like we should just start ringing people's doors. No one accepted. But then right as we were about to leave, this woman was walking into the building and stopped to talk with us. She ended up telling us about her sister who passed away and we testified to her of the reality of eternal families. She had tears in here eyes. She felt the spirit. We felt the spirit. She declined our invitation to learn more. But it was still a miracle. I know that when we follow the spirit, we are lead.

Sour Driggs!!! I am her STL

I feel like I have changed so much here on the mission. Not really my personality. But my relationship with God is so much deeper. The changes were so apparent at the beginning of the mission, and now, change is just so normal. I love repentance. I love the fact that I can change my weak points and let God help me turn them into strengths. I love the simplicity of the gospel. It is crazy how off track you can get in life when you stop doing the small daily things. Prayer and scripture study. Those two things build our relationship with Heavenly Father. A relationship is living. It must be fed.

I am grateful the Lord gives us chances to change. Chances to become better and try again. No matter how much we have messed up. Gotten off track. Or even betrayed him. He lets us try again and will always be
there to love us and help us when we are ready.

Love Abby

Cleanin at member's house while listening to some efy jams

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