Week 50 "Just Still Goin' "

Hey everyone, just still goin! Out on the mission, here in France. 

Ecully is exploding with miracles. There was Amandines baptism a couple weeks ago. And this past week, she was given permission for her children to be taught and baptized. And then there is "L's" baptism this weekend. And I think "F" with also baptized in a couple weeks. It is just insane. What I love about Ecully, is we all work here as a team. Yeah, none of these baptisms are "my amis" but we all work together and help teach everyone's amis so it all feels like we are contributing. The ward here is also very good at taking care of the missionaries and they are willing to try and invite their friends.

My Friends in the Ward

Soooo you are probably all thinking, wow Abby! Your mission is just all baptisms and fun! But... it's still a mission. Oh my goodness. I am just going to explode for a second and just say.... A MISSION IS SO HARD! It is the biggest roller coaster. But hey- I'm still goin! You have these incredible miracles where you see people's lives change.
But then you miss hanging out and watching movies with you parents. And then you feel the spirit way strong in a lesson. And then you are so tired at the end of the day you just roll into bed. And then you eat some way good French "quenelle" at a restaurant because Lyon is the food capital of the world. And then you try to talk to someone on a bus and they tell you they think you are doing "commerce" by talking to them. It is just up down up down up down.
 But there is one thing that has been consistent for me my entire mission-and that is Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father. Every time I am feeling anxious, stressed, overwhelmed, off balanced, homesick- and I pray- I feel Heavenly Fathers love and support for me. The gospel is literally what keeps me going on this mission. France is hard guys. But it is the mission. Heavenly Father called me to, so I trust him. I love reading my patriarchal blessing, the scriptures, and listening to hymns when I am sad. I have such a testimony of the peace the Holy Ghost brings us. It doesn't make my problems go away, but I feel peace.

Today for pday, we went to "Au Comptoir les Gônes", a Bouchon Lyonnais restaurant. We went with Amandine. I ordered Quenelle. Very Lyonnaise. Elder Wiberg ordered a BLOOD SAUSAGE. When it first came out, it just
looked like a charred black banana. I tired it and it just kind of tasted like warm blood meat. Pretty good actually. Amandine is so cute. She paid for all of us. She is so generous. Isn't it crazy how people like her, who don't have a ton of money, can be way more generous than people who are rich? I hope to be a generous person. Just like my dad.

Viex Lyon with Amandine and Soeur Cusick

Ready for some big news... OUR MISSION IS GETTIG FACEBOOK. We are becoming an online proselyting mission. I think that will start in 2 weeks. I will use my same facebook account and post church videos and just share the gospel online! We will be on it every day. I know that
this will help us share the gospel in ways we have never been able to. Our relationships with amis and members will be more normal. We can more easily share gospel material with people. And also people here won't think we are from 2002 with our brick phone. In the world, but not of the world. Love it. I'm stoked. "Embrace change" (my moto right

Other random things:
- I wear Soeur Cusicks clothes every day
- We ate hotdogs and Costco buns yesterday and the Zinns house
-This week was Bastille day and I heard some fireworks going off outside our apartment but didn't see anything. A cute member Melanie called us at 10:20 and invited us to go see fireworks with her. Ummmm- yeah we have to go to bed in 10 minutes

- I went on an exchange with Soeur Driggs this week (Daniel and Emily's cousin). She is so cute. Works so hard. Is really humble and asked me lots of questions. And really positive. We ate lunch together in Vieux Lyon and my "pasta box" was actually just a box of melted french cheese.
- I ate too many patisseries from Amadines boulangerie this week.

I love you!!!!! Share something of the gospel via social media/ or a
text this week. :)

Love Abby

Soeur Driggs

Michael Driggs and Rachel Nash's Wedding invite: I lined them up!!!

Sour Brown and Friends

Sour Goold

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