Week 51 "Lucie's Baptism"

Parc de la tête d'or with Giuliana and Bliss

Right now... we are driving home from Parc de la tête d'or with the Val de Soane Soeurs. "Embark" the EFY song is playing and I'm just jamming and crusin around Ecully. Whoohoo for EFY music! 
So I will start out with the first cool miracle that happened this week. Monday night we were on the bus coming home from institute with the Elders ami, Lucie. Do you remember that ami "T" I met about a month ago? The girl from Madagascar who was super interested?  Okay, well 3 weeks ago she just kind of dropped off the face of the earth. I was super sad about it. So we were on the bus coming home Monday, and I look around at all the people. And I think to myself, I wonder if "T" is on this bus. So I look around, and she isn't. The bus stopped and people started getting off and right in front of me, I think I see "T". So I tap on her from the back, she turns around. And it is HER! She says to me, "Oh sorry, Im getting off this stop." I panic and Soeur Cusick and I say, "Uhhhh, yeah, we are too!" Soeur Cusick and I were already late getting home. We were 2 bus stops away from our house. But I felt the spirit telling me so quickly and quietly to get off the bus with "T". So we did. We talked to her and found out why she lost contact with us. She had lost her phone THREE times in the past 2 weeks. I think Satan was seriously trying so hard to not have us have contact with her. You know, I really have gained a testimony of the importance of being obedient. Even being exactly obedient. But I also believe that I shouldn't be a robot and I need to be in tune with the spirit and FOLLOW the spirit. Even though it wasn't "exactly obedient" to be home late, we followed the spirit to get off the bus with "T". And now we have contact with her again. I really hope to see some progress with her soon. 

Lucie's Baptism
This Saturday was Lucie's baptism! She is Elder Fiala and Elder Sorensen's ami. But we have also had the opportunity to teach her with them. After some talks were given, everyone walked into the other room to watch Lucie be baptized.  We went into the bathroom with Lucie (that leads to the baptismal font), but the door was LOCKED! So we ran to go get my keys in the chapel. But when we came back in the bathroom, she was gone! And then we walk out of the bathroom and I hear her coming out of the water in the other room.  We are all- ah! What? They already baptized her? So we run into the bathroom and she just walks into the room. Dripping wet.  So clean. So pure. SO happy. Alors- sadly we didn't get to SEE her be baptized because we were running around looking for the keys. Haha. But it is okay. The best part was hugging her right after she came out of the font and seeing how happy she was.

 She was literally giggling and just smiling so big. The best part about people being baptized is watching how they change. Baptism is just such a fresh start. A new life. Leaving behind old mistakes and going forward with a clean slate. With courage. With faith. And I know that every time we take the SINCERELY take the sacrament, we can also have that fresh start.  We don't need to dwell on who we used to be. Or the mistakes we made that week. If we sincerely repent, we can move forward, with a clean slate, with courage, and with faith. 
Church was a big miracle this Sunday.  My friend "E" came! AHhhhhhhhh. I was soooooooooooo happy when she walked in the room. I jumped out of my seat and motioned for her to come sit by me. Also, a member from Portugal brought one of her friends to church, and she loved it! Ahhh- I love when members and missionaries work together.  
RCM with our new DMP and family from Colombia

A couple days this week, I was having such a hard time focusing. We were in a lesson with a member, and I LITERALLY could not get myself to focus. I was so so tired. Sometimes it is so easy to think of what my life will be in 6 months. When I am home. For as long as I can remember, I have known I would serve a mission. It was my goal and I have been preparing for it for a while. But now I am here. And I know my mission will come to an end before I know it. I want to be present. But what am I supposed to prepare for, you know? Like-ahhhhhhhh! Leaving on my mission felt like I was jumping off a cliff. I didn't really know what it would be like. But what is life even like after the mission?! ahhhh. 

But I am really grateful for some personal revelation I received this week. I was taking the sacrament, and just sitting there praying and thinking. And I asked Heavenly Father one thing I could work on. I wasn't receiving an answer. But then one word came into my mind. Patience. Not only being patient with things that bug me in certain moments. But just with where I am right now in my life. "Patience little Abigail. Patience." Just be where you are right now. Life will unfold as it needs to. 
Institue with the Geedes couple, Anne Mebodo, Sam and Lucie

I am so grateful that Heavenly Father gives me personal revelation as I need it. I am grateful that the holy ghost helps me feel at peace. That he helps me improve little by little. 

Love Abby

Soeur Holmgren is engaged (she was my trainer in Nice!) Also, cute Soeur Rigby is in the office chair. I showed her a picture of my Grandma Nancy and told her that she reminded me of her...She started crying when she saw a picture of Grandma.

Marriage wall in the mission office! Soeur Holmgren is up

Soeur Siles made us Paella...She is originally from Spain

Giuliana and Lea trying on our name tags. Future missionaries!!

Exchange with Grenoble Soeurs

Soeur Brown
Cleaning the Obretchs apartment

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